Film Boutique

A film's core is its story. It is the salt and pepper of a unique result. Storytellers combine emotions and details of a certain situation. The viewer stares and waits excited to see, what will be revealed in front of him. Specifically in a film, characters are presented in a way the storyteller believes that they will match the aesthetics of the storyline, and then peaks and combines certain parts of the story, not just to reproduce reality, but also to print what he felt, so that the viewer can feel the same. When you pick a professional, the most important factor is to find someone that fits your aesthetics and the way he is printing memories that touch your heart and boost your emotions. My philosophy is to read a person's soul, to sense a character’s aura, and use all that to color their memories, create a climax and a motivating ending.

About me

Life is determined by the “pictures” we live every day.
Thus, it is a showreel full of emotions and experiences.
This is what made me started filming the lives of others.
When you are a watcher, is very interesting of how many details you see
and combined with your personality, you create memories for them.
So, I wanted to give shape to that and present it.
I have been doing this job for the past fifteen years,
since I graduated from the University of Plymouth.
I travel all over the world filming events and corporate videos.
From the USA to Europe and the United Arab Emirates.
Cinematography is my passion and leads me to inspiration.
If someone would ask me what I do, I would answer that I make living stories. Dimitris Paleologos